Mont Blanc 
Mont Blanc is a must for all wannabee alpinists and a great challenge for trekkers and hill walkers. It shouldn't be underestimated. Mont Blanc is a tough trip requiring good endurance and confident ice axe and crampon work.

Miles recommends allowing six days or more for a Mont Blanc attempt. This allows for training on lower summits, hut nights high up for acclimatisation and time to learn or brush up crampon and axe skills. The normal Mont Blanc guiding ratio is one guide to one or two clients. However, it possible to do the acclimatisation routes at a higher ratio, up to 1:4.

There are two classic routes up Mont Blanc: the Goûter ridge via the Goûter or Tête Rousse Hut, and the traverse or Three Mont Blancs via the Cosmiques Hut. The traverse is the more technical route of the two as it is on snow and ice, whereas the Goûter route is less technical and has a rocky scramble to the Goûter Hut. Our choice of route will depend on conditions, client fitness and hut availabilty.

Boots, axes, helmet, harness and crampons can be hired in Chamonix.

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photo © Dave Ball