Being on the right route at the right time is an art that takes many years to master. Miles can help you make the most of your Alpine trip by drawing on his knowledge of mountaineering. Miles guides small private groups on tailor-made tours.

Together we can design a program to suit your abilities and allow you to push yourself as hard as you want. You can spend your time learning how to get out and do it for yourself or you can attempt the route of your dreams. Miles guides technical rock, ice and mixed routes as well as classic mountaineering trips.

Here are some favourites:

Cosmiques Ridge
- a great introduction to Alpine climbing.
Gran Paradiso
- a classic mountaineering trip over 2 days.
North face of the Tour Ronde
- a fine little Alpine north face.
Goulotte des Allemands
- hard, mixed climbing an hour from the cablecar.
- one for all wanabee mountaineers.
North face of the Droites
- you've got to have a dream...

Group sizes
Miles can normally guide two clients, but some routes, eg Matterhorn, are only guided with one client. It's possible, however, to do non-technical routes with three or four in a group.

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